Optometry EMR

"I have no doubt that Integrity EMR will soon be the standard by which all other electronic medical record systems will be measured. Integrity EMR goes far beyond simply maintaining an efficient clinical practice. It will make you a better physician."

Steven D. Vold, M.D.
Glaucoma Surgeon
Vold Vision
Fayetteville, Arkansas


Designed from the ground up as an Electronic Medical Record driven by the real needs of practicing optometrists, Integrity EMR for Eyes empowers you to practice the way that you want to practice. Its intuitive interface and natural workflow keeps each patient encounter on track, enabling you and your technicians to focus on the patient and the diagnosis or treatment—not on the EMR.

One of the most common concerns—and it is a legitimate one—is how implementing an optometry EMR will impact a practice. Integrity EMR for Eyes addresses this issue more effectively than any other EMR software available: it is so intuitive and easy to learn that your staff will be functional with most of its capabilities from day one of implementation! Every screen is meticulously designed to make interactions with the EMR software as efficient as possible.

Integrity EMR for Eyes‘ elegant, yet powerful user interface makes it easy for optometry doctors and technicians to immediately know where they are in a patient encounter, and which actions can and should be taken next. It is also designed to eliminate mistakes in communication, coding and compliance issues. The result is a more productive and profitable optometry practice and a more satisfying work experience for your entire staff.